Wayne State shares information on summer street projects


Editor's note: The following information is being provided by Jay Collier, Director of College Relations at Wayne State College in regard to changes taking place on the campus in coming days and weeks.

Wayne State will be working on several projects this summer that will affect streets and traffic around the College.

Work on replacement of a main water line underneath Lindahl Drive (14th Street) will commence Monday, May 6 and is scheduled to run through July 31. Construction on the extension of the Campus Commons onto Walnut Street in front of the new residence hall also commences May 6.

The northeast portion of campus will be directly affected. One major impact will be parking and traffic flow on Anderson Drive.

At the west end of Anderson Drive adjacent to Anderson Hall, all 15-minute zones will be removed, and the one-way traffic sign will be temporarily taken down. Two-way traffic will be allowed on Anderson Drive during the construction project. A temporary stop sign will be placed at the west end of Anderson Drive to accommodate the temporary two-way traffic.

At the east end of Anderson Drive adjacent to the Student Center, parking spaces will be temporarily removed to allow vehicles to turn around and exit Anderson Drive on the west end.  This space also will be utilized for construction materials and parking for work in the Student Center. The east end of Anderson Drive will not exit onto Lindahl Drive during construction.

"Please use extreme caution on Anderson Drive if you wish to park/drive there during the construction project. It is recommended that you park in other areas of campus to alleviate traffic on Anderson Drive.  Parking Lot #3 (Energy Plant) and Schriener Drive will be closed during the project. All other campus lots and campus streets will be available for parking," Collier said.

To accommodate work on extending the Campus Commons to the new residence hall, Walnut Street will be closed from Hillcrest Road to Lindahl Drive (14th Street). There will be a pedestrian path available from Lot 10 to campus to accommodate visitors and employees who are asked to park in Lot 10. There will be no through traffic on Walnut Street.

Lindahl Drive will be closed from Stadium Drive east to the northeast corner of Lot 10 from May 6 to July 31. The only entrance and exit for Lot 10 will be at the northeast corner of the lot.

"Please contact Campus Security at 402-375-7216 with any questions related to parking during this project," Collier said.