Medicare Open enrollment begins soon


Now that it’s October we can really notice the changing of the seasons, and I just don’t mean cooler weather and leaves falling. I mean it’s almost Medicare Open Enrollment Season!

Medicare Open Enrollment is an annual event just like autumn. From Oct.15 through Dec.7 all Medicare recipients can compare their Medicare Prescription Drug Plans to make sure they are getting the most bang for their buck for 2023. 

By now most individuals have received information from their Medicare Prescription Drug Plans or Medicare Advantage Plans advising them of changes in premiums, deductibles and drug coverages. However, if you just look at that information, you won’t know there are three new Medicare Prescription Drug Plans available in Nebraska this year. Just because your 2022 plan reduced their premium does not mean that you will receive the same service for a lower cost. It is important to look at all 24 plans offered in Nebraska for 2023 to determine which plan will be best for you. 

Plan premiums for 2023 range from $4.70/month to $113.60/month with deductibles ranging from $0 to $505.00. As you can see there is more changing this season than just the color of the leaves. 

While the premium costs are important, it’s the coverage of the prescriptions you take that really matters as well as the anticipated cost of them throughout the year at the pharmacy you want to use.

It looks like a very interesting year ahead as more Medicare Advantage Plans and Medicare Prescription Drug Plans compete to cover your healthcare needs. 

Just remember, the most important thing with any Medicare Advantage Plan is to make sure all your providers (doctors, specialists and hospitals) fully participate in the program and that your prescriptions are covered at the pharmacy you want to patronize.

The only way you can really get the best deal in this season of change is by comparing. You can go to the website: on the internet and work through the process yourself, or you can get help from a trained SHIP (State Health Insurance Program) counselor. SHIP counselors want the best for you personally, because do not get paid for signing you up with one plan or another. This unbiased assistance is free but you need to register for a time to compare.