Memory Lane - July 12, 1951


From the July 12, 1951 edition of The Wayne Herald:

Woodworking Pastime Keeps Wayne Woman "In the Chips"

Lula Way creates many different things out of wood and leather. She uses mainly white and yellow poplar, cherry, birch and cedar for her creations.

Way has had an interest in woodworking since she was a kid. She likes to whittle animals the most and has a collection of horses, an otter, seal, doe and faun.

Her interest in animals came after attending a school taught by John G. Campbell. She uses a number of tools like gouges, scews, veiners, chisels and X-acto knives.

After Way decides on a pattern, she saws out the form with a band saw. She then chisels the piece and after files down any unwanted marks on it.

Way participates in hobby shows and plans ot start a craft shop from the basement of her home.