New chapel a mix of old and new


Hospital Chaplain Jessica Feldmann started her journey with Providence Medical Center nearly 2 and a half years ago when plans were already pretty well done for the construction project PMC was about to embark on.

"The plans had already been made, but tweaking was being done," Feldmann said. "The plans always included a chapel, but it wasn't quite in the same location as it ended up being.

When the plans were still able to be chaged, Feldmann suggested an easy flip flop with the chapel's proposed location and the location of a meeting room next door. The switch would make the chapel visible the moment visitors walked in the main doors of the hospital.

Feldmann was even able to have some say in design choices.

"I wanted it to be serene and peaceful with natural elements. I wanted a space of tranquility."

The previous chapel was intended to be used by all faith denominations, but was more comfortable for Catholic users. The new chapel utilizes some of the decor and pieces from the previous one.

 "It's an all-inclusive space," Feldmann said. "We used the chapel doors, chairs and kneelers. We have a cross above the alter in the new space, but we saved the Jesus statue and used that above the prayer alter we set up."

Currently, Feldmann conducts a weekly staff devotional but eventually would like to open that up to patients. She also would enjoy doing prayer or hymn services around the holidays.

The dedication ceremony held Tuesday was a combined service done with clergy from area churches to further reiterate that the chapel's intended use is for anyone of any denomination. The brief service led by Feldmann, included blessings, prayers, readings and hymns.