The Farmer's Wife: Collage of topics covered this week


So, this week will be a collage of things; I'm going to write them down as they happen instead of waiting to the last minute and trying to recall things that did.

For starters, there was a 59 cent cup of coffee! An old friend arrived on the spur of the moment on Monday and we went to Nebraska City the next day for tree color and apples. Since it would be an hour's drive, I only allowed myself one cup of the caffeinated stuff before we left. So, I felt the need of a second cup and we went to Burger King because their restrooms are in the front! (A helpful thing, sometimes.)  The coffee pots were on the counter, along with to-go cups and the charge was 59 cents!  I can't remember when a cup of coffee was less than a dollar!

Actually, thinking about this, I remembered the coffee is free in a cafe in Waverly, when ordered with breakfast. And their breakfasts are also inexpensive. Waco High's alums from '55 and '56 get together there once in a while. It's good because it accommodates the power wheelchair of one of my classmates.  She suffered a broken back many years ago, and never lets that keep her at home.

On the way home from Nebraska City, we were on Highway 34 east of Lincoln and passed the “honor system” pumpkin farm. The pumpkins are marked as to price and  you leave the money in a coffee can. My friend wondered what was going to happen to all the pumpkins that were raised this year. Today, on the Murdock website, I discovered that they would be happily received at Safari, for feed for the animals. A great idea!

And, speaking of feed, I read an article about Jose Andres, founder of World Central Kitchen, last night. This guy is a renowned chef who decided twelve years ago there has to be a way to provide food for the survivors of earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, and even war! Corporate donors have stepped up, but two-thirds of donations come from individuals, from philanthropists to kids with lemonade stands.

I'm going to promote nominating him for president! He saw a need, and took care of it; that's becoming a rare aptitude!

Otherwise, my week has been as usual; boring! The only other thing I did was go to the dental college.   I'm a perennial  customer there for periodontal care, about every three to four months. On my last visit for that, an earnest young dentist looked in this collection of gold and silver, and something called composite, and decided I needed a full mouth x-ray.

So, a week later, I had that, by a student, but she did a good job. I learned this student is a nurse who has decided dentistry would provide a better schedule for raising a family; I told her that was not a good plan; we need more nurses, not more dentists.. 

Anyway, sure enough, they found an old filling “pulling away” and I had yet another appointment to have that ground out and new put in.  A younger student was assigned to assist and when I asked him where he was from, he said, Norfolk! It turned out he was a friend and classmate of my grandson, Myles. I know we are all inter connected, but out of a room FULL of students, how did someone from Norfolk get assigned to me? I caught up on his siblings and just chuckled to myself; Nebraska is a very small state!  At least, when it comes to us moving around. Oh, and the dental college is a deal; you get the work for half the price, but it takes twice as long; when you are retired, that works.  



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