Voters to cast ballots on Nov. 8


Voters in Nebraska and throughout the country will go to the polls on Tuesday, Nov. 8 to cast ballots for a number of contested races and  amendments.

In the city of Wayne, there are two contested races — for Mayor of Wayne and Council representative for Ward 1.

Voters will cast ballots for either B.J. Woehler or Cale Giese.

Those living in the southeast quadrant of Wayne, which is Ward 1 will decide between Karen Granberg and Clayton Bratcher to represent them on the Wayne City Council.

All those in the Wayne Community School District 17 will have four choices to fill the three slots on the school's Board of Education.

Those vying for the positions are Justin Davis, Jaret Harmer, Jodi Pulfer and Sylvia Ruhl. 

Mike Carnes, whose name appears on the ballot, announced he has decided not to run for the position. However, the announcement was made after the date when his name could have been removed from the ballot.

In the Winside School District 95R, there are three candidates running for the three open slots. They include Jonathan Jaeger, Kate Falk and Tarrin Quinn. 

Wakefield School District 560 also has three candidates running for the three open positions. They are Jeff Keagle, Sherri Lynn Lundahl and Bree Brown.

In the city of Wakefield, Steven Henry Greve and James Lehmkuhl are running for the position of Mayor while Matt Brenn and J. Dave Rusk are running for council member for Ward II.

In Hoskins, four candidates are running for the three open positions on the Village Board of Trustees. These inlcude James Miller, Richard Doffin, Jr., Andrew Beckman and Tyler Classen.

In the state of Nebraska, voters will have three choices for the Governor of the state.

These include Libertarian candidate Scott Zimmerman; Democratic candidate Carol Blood and Republican candidate Jim Pillen.

In the race for Congress for District 03, candidates include Republican Adrian Smith, Democrat David J. Else and Mark Elworth, Jr., a member of the Legal Marijuana NOW party.

In the State Treasurer's race, voters will chose between John Murante and Katrina Tomsen.

Attorney General candidates include Mike Hilgers and Larry Bolinger.

Auditor of Public Accounts candidates include Mike Foley, Gene Siadek and L. Leroy Lopez.

In a non-partisan race, Shery Jones and Danielle Helzer are running for membership on the State Board of Education for District 06.

Voters will be able to cast ballots in regard to retaining a number of judges in the Court of Appeals, Workers' Compensation Court, District Court and County Court.

Several seats on the Lower Elkhorn Natural Resources District Board of Directors are being contested. Voters in different areas will see the names of the candidates that will represent that particular area.

In addition to contested races, voters will have the opportunity to vote on three proposed amendments to the constitution.

The first of these would allow for the use of city, county or any other political subdivision that owns or operates an airport to use revenue for the purpose of developing or expanding regularly scheduled commercial passenger air service.

Initiative Measure 432 involves whether or not to require voters to present valid photographic identification prior to casting a ballot in any election.

Initiative Measure 433 contains language that would amend the Nebraska statute establishing a minimum wage for employees to increase from $9.00 per hour to $10.50 per hour on Jan. 1, 2023, to $12.00 on Jan. 1, 2024, to $13.50 on Jan. 1, 2025 and to $15.00 on Jan. 1, 2026 and adjusted annually thereafter to account for increases in the cost of living.

Sample ballots with all the races appear in today's Wayne Herald.

Polls will be open in the city of Wayne from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

All residents living outside Wayne city limits were mailed ballots in late October. These must be returned to the courthouse by 8 p.m. on Election Day.

As of Tuesday, Nov. 2, Wayne County Clerk Deb Finn reported that 1,000 ballots had already been turned in.

In Wayne County, there are a total of 5,235 registered voters.


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