What are Life Skills?


Life skills are defined in the Targeting Life Skills Model as “Skills that help an individual to be successful in living a productive and satisfying life.”  In Nebraska 4-H we focus on the Life Skills model.

What does the Targeting Life Skills Model mean for the 4-H volunteer? 

As a volunteer working with youth, you have many opportunities to assist youth in developing life skills. The Targeting Life Skills Model identifies and divides the major life skills targeted by 4-H youth development by the four H’s from the 4-H Clover that represents Head, Heart, Hands and Health. These four are further divided into categories of life skills and then into specific general skills.  As you capitalize on the youth’s interest in exploring 4-H, your challenge is to provide age-appropriate skills until they are learned and able to be used everyday. By using the Experiential Learning Model and Targeting Life Skills Model to help youth fully internalize both the exploring 4-H content and life skill practiced, they gain the ability to apply both types of skills appropriately. Targeting Life Skills Models is a guide for planning ensure 4-H members are gaining life skills and to help volunteers see the interrelatedness of activities and learning.

•Under the 4-H Clover H of Head, the focus is on managing and thinking.  Some examples include:  Keeping records, planning and organizing, service learning and problem solving.

 • Under the 4-H Clover H of Heart, the focus is on relating and caring.  Some examples include: Sharing, concern for others, social skills and communication.

 • Under the 4-H Clover H of Hands, the focus is on giving and working.  Some examples include: Leadership, contributions to a group effort, team work and self-motivation.

• Under the 4-H Clover H of Health, the focus is on living and working. Some examples include: self-responsibility, character, healthy lifestyle choices, and personal safety.

Source: https://4h.unl.edu/documents/Targeting%20Life%20Skills.pdf


Sept. 1-6: Nebraska State Fair.

Sept. 2: Norfolk Beef Expo Entries due.

Sept. 6: Labor Day Observed, Extension Office closed

Sept. 11-12: Norfolk Beef Expo.

Sept. 15: County Award Applications due to the Extension Office; 4-H Club of Excellence Summary Form due to the Extension Office; National 4-H Week PSA sign-up.

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