Brookdale resident enjoy giving thanks and the Turkey Trot


Residents at Brookdale Wayne came trotting down the hallways to our recent “Laughing Hat’s and Rusty Zipper’s Giving Thanks Celebration” held on Friday, Nov. 18th. All came with smiles on their faces as they grabbed their favorite hat, ready to have fun and get busy with the planned crafts and activities.

The event started with  “Specialteers” -- special volunteers -- helping residents make a Thanksgiving Turkey Treat and something the farmers especially loved, Corn on the Cob. They were very busy indeed. The best part of these crafty projects is that they were made with snacks as the filler. The residents all enjoyed opening them both up and snacking a bit after Thanksgiving.

After the crafts, the “Specialteers” read some fun nursery rhymes that the residents loved hearing and probably remembered from their younger years. The residents were all asked what they remembered most about their Thanksgivings as a child. Most of them remembered coming together with family and having all the fixings with some mentioning they didn’t actually have turkey, but chicken and even duck.

Finally, fun activities began. Residents enjoyed some Turkey Bowling where they rolled, threw or bounced a rubber ball toward bowling pins with Turkey bands around the neck of the pin. They also enjoyed a new game called Stuff the Turkey where they had the opportunity to throw fake bread, onion and celery into an enormous turkey. It was great fun once they figured out what the giant brown bag with drumsticks on each side really was. They did a great job and stuffed that turkey.

The next event is already in the plans and will be held on Tuesday, Dec. 27th with holiday fun planned. If you would like more information about Brookdale Wayne for your loved one or would like to get involved with the “Laughing Hat’s and Rusty Zippers” club, please contact Kyla Sawyers, Program Coordinator at 402.375.1500.