Clerk magistrate reflects on work of office


For approximately 20 years KimBerly Hansen has worked with those involved with the Wayne County Court system.

Hansen began her work as a records clerk in a temporary position, working with Clerk Magistrate Carol Brown. After the person who previously held the position was unable to return to work, she stepped in as full-time clerk.

When Brown retired in 2006, Hansen was appointed by the judges in the district to fill the position of Clerk Magistrate.

"For  a few years, I did have someone to work with me, but since that person left, I have been by myself in the office," Hansen said.

County Court is in session at least three Mondays per month. At other times there are juvenile trials, civil trials and other matters needing court attention.

"In the years I have been here, there have only been two jury trials that have been handled by the county court," Hansen said.

She praised the work of all the attorneys and judges she has worked with throughout the years for working to resolve cases in a timely fashion.

Approximately 10 percent of the criminal cases that are first filed with the County Court are bound over to the District Court. The remainder are resolved through the work of the attorneys involved.

In addition to criminal cases, Wayne County Court deals with juvenile cases, civil cases, small claims cases, traffic violations, probate, guardian/conservator and adoption.

Hansen officially retired from her Clerk Magistrate position on Aug. 31, at the end of a full day of court cases.

"The time I have had at my office has been cherished. I always enjoyed anyone who came to the office, for whatever reason," Hansen said.

"The people at the courthouse are your work family and are a great bunch to be around," she added.

Hansen also praised local law enforcement, saying "in Wayne County and the surrounding counties, we are fortunate to have the law enforcement that we do. The Sheriff's offices, the Wayne Police Department and that State Patrol were super to work with throughout the years I have been here."

"I can say I will miss you all," she said.

Her plans for retirement include spending time with her family, which includes her husband, Kelly, five children and 12 grandchildren.

She plans to help her husband with work on the farm and "has a lot of projects on my bucket list."