Governor Pillen provides further guidance regarding special session to fix property tax crisis


Earlier this week, Nebraska Governor Jim Pillen sent a letter to Speaker of the Legislature John Arch, announcing his intent to call senators back into session starting July 25, to address the state’s worsening property tax crisis.

Pursuant to the Nebraska Constitution, prior to that date, the Governor will issue a proclamation convening the special session and specifying its purpose.

The letter reads in part:

“In my sine die address in April, I stated that I would call a special session this summer to facilitate another opportunity for us to meet Nebraskans’ demand that their elected leaders fix this crisis now. I have traveled extensively across the state since the Legislature adjourned and have heard from a wide range of people. Their message is clear: stop this massive overall tax increase by fixing property taxes.”

"I intend to call the Legislature back into session beginning Juy 25, 2024 and intend for it to remain in session until it finishes its unfinished business," Pillen said in the letter.

Gov. Pillen has hosted 20 town halls to date aimed at educating Nebraskans about what has fueled the current tax crisis and how it might best be addressed. At each stop, he has emphasized what has become an ever-accelerating problem, one in which total property taxes will soon grow by more than a million dollars a day.

Additional events were scheduled for Thursday and Friday of this week.

The Governor’s letter to Speaker Arch also makes clear that he is willing to call an additional special session to resolve other unfinished business, should he receive a signal from the Legislature that support exists to justify a special session. Among such unfinished business would be returning Nebraska’s allocation of electoral votes to winner-take-all.