Unofficial election results are in



After a stressful election season, the unofficial results have come from Wayne County. While several races were uncontested, there were numerous races that had multiple opponents.

In Wayne, 3 of the 4 wards had contested city council races. In ward 1, Nick Muir topped Douglas Sturm as the incumbent with 207 votes over Sturm's 155. Ward 2 saw Reed Allen fall to incumbent Jennifer Sievers by a margin of 49 votes with Sievers claiming 215 votes to Allen's 166. In Ward 3, Cale Giese ran unopposed, earning 324 votes over 15 write-ins. Ward 4 held on to its incumben Jon Haase with 302 votes over Mark Bloomfield's 219.
Wayne City Council:

Local Jerry Allemann ran against David Shelton for the Subdistrict 5 seat on the Lower Elkhorn NRD Board and won with 2,104 votes over Shelton's 787.

For the Wayne School Board of Education, the three candidates earning marjority of the votes were Wendy Consoli with 1,410; Lynn Junck with 1,268; and there was a tie between Mark Putnam and Jaimi Manz having 1,107 votes each. Others on the ballot were Casey Hurner, claiming 598 votes and there were 20 write-ins.

Referendum No. 426, the vote to retain or repeal the ban on the death penalty, was on the ballot. A vote to retain LB 268 (the ban on the death penalty) would uphold the ban; a vote to repeal LB 268 would reinstate the death penalty. Repeal over retain at 2,711 votes versus 1,029.

Other contest races included:

Presidential: Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton at 2,675 votes versus 828. Gary Johnson claimed 202 votes and Jill Stein held 35. There were 65 write-ins. 

Legislative: Joni Albrecht over Ardel Bengtson with 2,495 votes versus 1,054.

Northeast Community College Board of Governors, At Large seat: Jeffrey Scherer over Ted Hillman at 1,582 votes versus 1,073.

Cuming County Public Power, Subdistrict 1 (select 1): Dale Hansen and Fred Schneider are tied with 3 votes each. Clark Peterson received no votes.

Wakefield City Council, Ward 2: Paul Eaton and Megan Weaver are tied with 57 votes each. There was 1 write-in.

Winside Village Board (select 2): Kyle Skokan and Kristi Edwards were voted top two with 128 and 93 votes, respectively over Jeffrey Farran II at 75 votes, Jason Topp at 38 votes and Andrew Lowe at 46 votes.

School boards:
    Winside (select 3): Ryan Brogren at 294; Carmie Marotz at 291; John Thies at 248 over Scott Watters at 202 votes, Doug Deck at 189 votes and Amber Bargstadt at 238 votes. There were 7 write-ins.
    Wakefield (select 3): Shannon Johnson at 172; Mark Victor at 138; Arianne Conley at 110 over Peter Lundin at 69, James Rusk at 79 and Terr Borg at 98.

    Laurel (select 4): Bruce Haisch at 9 votes; Samuel Recob at 7 votes; Richard Brandow at 6 votes over Carol Erwin at 4 votes, Dustin Thompson at 5 votes, Ryan Kvols at 3 votes; Julie Kvols at 3 votes and Tyler Specht at 4 votes.

    Pierce (select 3): Dave Lienemann at 25 votes; Robert Hoffmann at 23;  Dan Unseld at 22 votes over Jacque Collison at 7 votes and Brandon Hamilton at 3 votes. There was 1 write-in.

    Randolph (select 3): Jim Scott at 53 votes; Cody Backer at 45 votes; Lisa Linville at 45 votes over James Munter at 16 votes and Anthony Shearer at 24 votes.

    Wisner-Pilger (select 3): A. Mark Glaubius at 11 votes; Jackie Kalkowski at 9 votes; and a tie between Harlan Sateren and Jason Schweers with 8 votes.

    Norfolk (select 3): Sandy Wolfe at 184 votes; Bob Waite at 159 votes; Arnie Robinson at 154 votes. There were 2 write-ins.