Wayne Sculpture Walk 2024


The Wayne Sculpture Walk has begun, with 11 sculptures placed along Main Street and Pearl street. Each week, the Herald will be highlighting two sculptures. Make sure to get out and check out the sculptures!

“Eyes of Wonder”

by Sondra Jonson

This sculpture is a vignette of childhood innocence, springtime and the special relationship between a boy and his dog. A four-year-old boy, sits outside watching in wonder as the springtime world blossoms around him. His faithful companion, his little terrier, relaxes on the ground nearby, but turns his owns eyes to follow those of his best friend. After a long, cold winter, two sets of eyes focus happily on the awakening springtime world, inviting us to share the wonder of childhood discovery and the love between a boy and a dog.

This sculpture is located at the corner of Third and Pearl Streets, near the Wayne City Hall.

“Seeds of Change”

by Sally Jurgensmier

Seeds of Change is a sculpture portraying the altering times of our current culture.  There is uncertainty, confusion, and modification of beliefs, identity, and purpose.  This welded sculpture, made from repurposed metal, is an example of our changing times.

The message is to stay true, be strong, and grow as best you can.

This sculpture is located at the corner of Fourth and Pearl Streets, near the Wayne Public Library.