Governor conducts Town Hall in Wayne


Wayne was one of four locations hosting Nebraska Governor Jim Pillen on Tuesday for a Town Hall gathering.

Over 40 people were in attendance at the Wayne Country Club to listen to the governor talk about his plan to deal with what he calls "the property tax crisis."

He shared the history of the growth of property taxes in Nebraska and said the "government needs to be run like a business."

He talked about the need to create a broad-based sales tax in the state, including increasing taxes on items such as cigarettes, some types of liquor and a variety of services.

He noted that he plans to call a special session of the Legislature sometime between June 26 and Aug. 15 and hopes to meet with people throughout the state as he works to make the government in Nebraska "fiscally conservative."

"We need to think long-term. Someone once told me we need to not only work to make things better for our children and grandchildren, but seven generations into the future," Pillen said.