Windows, Q-125 events on commissioners' agenda


Information on the window project and an update on plans for the Q125 celebration for the courthouse were among the items on the Tuesday agenda for the Wayne County Board of Commissioners.

Jill Brodersen, who has been the architect involved with the replacement of the windows in the courthouse, told the commissioners that an on-site inspection has taken place and there are "a number of little things that need to be finished" in regard to the windows themselves.

She presented information on possible options for blinds on the windows. These included the amount of light that would penetrate the blinds and the need to prevent glare on computers.

However, due to the fact that the cost for this portion of the project would be over $30,000 the county would be required to obtain at least three informal bids before that portion of the project can move forward.

Specifications for the blinds will be obtained in coming days and bids obtained.

Members of the courthouse's Q125 committee came before the board requesting permission to purchase a 12-13 foot Christmas tree to be placed in the lobby of the Courthouse.

Following discussion, the committee was given permission to spend up to $2,000 for the tree and decorations.

In addition, t-shirts commemorating the anniversary will be available for purchase by county employees. The design was approved  and it is anticipated the shirts will be ready by the Wayne Chicken Show.

Commissioners were encouraged to purchase these shirts and wear them to events through the end of the year.

Luke Virgil, Director of Wayne America, Inc., spoke to the commissioners on the work that has been done since the re-branding of the former Wayne Area Economic Development Office.

He said the office has been "very busy" and shared information that has taken place within the county in recent months. He said the Wayne Community Housing portion of the office has worked to determine the fiscal position of the organization and continues to work to provide housing to those in the county who are eligible.

Staff in the office have been able to receive training outside the office to enable them to better understand the needs of the community.

In other action, the board got an update from Highway Superintendent Kyle Huff regarding Pierce Telephone's request for placement of fiber optic cable in the county's right of way in two separate areas in western Wayne County.

Commissioners approved a $1,500 per year pay raise for fiscal year 2024-2025, which is effective July 1. Discussion was held on the need for employees to use accrued vacation time within a reasonable amount of time, as they are only allowed to carry over 40 hours of vacation.

Amy Topp with Nebraska Extension spoke to the commissioners and thanked them for their support of the program. She shared information on some of the programming available in the county.

The Wayne County Board of Commissioners will next meet in regular session on Tuesday, July 2 at 9 a.m. in the Wayne County Courtroom.