Memory Lane: Nov. 15, 1973


From the November 15, 1973 edition of The Wayne Herald

Everyone loves a parade

They say that everybody loves a parade... especially when the weather is just right for a Veteran's Day parade in Wayne. Leading the Wayne State marching band were Wildkittens Debra Gana and Denise Edelmaier and drum majorette Cynthia Haase. Color Guard members Roy Sommerfield, Jeari Nuss and Dick Dion. Peterson, former three-term Nebraska governor and U.S ambassador to Denmark and Finland, told parade watchers America must remain strong militarily to help guarantee peace in the world. Peterson admitted America has made mistakes in the past and continues making them today, but that does not mean the nation is not a great one.

"We're not perfect, but we are still the best there is," he noted. He praised this nation's record after World War II when America stooped to help its enemies, Germany and Japan, to recover after their devastating losses in the war. No other country can point to that kind of record in its history, he said. Peterson was recently appointed distinguished professor of political science and public affairs at Wayne State College.