Memory Lane: Sept. 14, 1972


From the September 14, 1972 edition of The Wayne Herald

Weight machine adds 'lift' to WHS

The sixth period bell just rang and the halls at Wayne High School quickly filled with bustling students.

The gymnasium was quiet, for a while, until the boy's physical education class exploded onto the scene.

Why were the boys so anxious to start their P.E. class?

Many people today are concerned with watching their weight. But the students at Wayne High School are mostly concerned with how much weight they can lift in the boy's physical education classes,

Why the keen interest? The high school recently purchased , on a trial basis, a new weight machine that can accommodate 14 students at one time.

The exerciser, which weights 2,500 pounds cost $2,650 including delivery.

A few boys using the machine included Scott Johnson, Rick Gathje, Roger Niemann and Virgil Kardell.


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