Memory Lane: Sept. 25, 2003


From the September 25, 2003 edition of The Wayne Herald

Program gives taste of law enforcement

Participating in the 36th annual Junior Law Cadet program this summer, Ben Allemann of Wayne (a senior at Wayne High School) got a taste of what it is like in law enforcement. Two sessions of the week-long program were held for high school students - one for 30 boys (June 16-20) and one for 30 girls (June 9-13). The program was held at the Nebraska State Patrol Training Academy in Grand Island.

The program is sponsored by the American Legion and cadets are chosen through applications sent in by interested students. They are also chosen based on character and interest in law enforcement and they are interviewed. During the week of intensive training in law enforcement and traffic safety, students listened to authorities from the municipal police, county sheriff, health department, game commission, Department
of Motor Vehicles, Nebraska National Guard, court administrator, Federal Bureau of Investigations and Nebraska State Patrol.

The students received hands-on experience with patrol dogs, SWAT team tactics, marksmanship, accident investigations, mock chase situations and the young cadets were directly involved in operating radar and participated in maximum performance driving.

They learned about the Nebraska State Patrol's Air Wing Division and some earned a ride on their helicopter. Allemann said he feels the program is a good experience and hopes interested students find out about it and are able to take part in it. Allemann is the son of Deb Allemann and the late Roger Allemann.