Memory Lane: Sept. 27. 1973


From the September 27, 1973 edition of The Wayne Herald

Wayne man to vie in 200-car World Demolition Derby

A Wayne man will be one of 200 drivers competing in the 12th annual world's championship demolition derby Sunday at Islip, New York.

Vern Schulz left today on an all-expense paid trip at his bid for the $1,500 first-place prize at the New York track. The city employee will compete in one of two heats in order to qualify for the 200-car finale at the Islip and a chance to appear on the ABC television's Wide World of Sports.

Schulz won the trip last Sunday when he finished second at North Bend behind first-place winner Virgil Studebaker of Garland. But Studebaker had to forfeit the trip to New York, giving Schulz the right to advance. Cars for the drivers will be furnished at the New York track, Schulz said. The drivers, of course, will have to fix the cars according to rules and paint the vehicle a certain way.

"I've only competed two years," Schulz said, adding that his first demolition derby victory came last year at West Point. During the two years, the local driver has entered about five derbies a year. Schulz was not the only local man competing for the first-place money and the trip to Islip, however. Three other area men were among the top six left